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Travel by Private Jet Say Crossword Clue- 80 Years Ago

Franklin D. Roosevelt took his job to the skies for the first time.

In 1943, President Roosevelt took the first presidential flight on a Pan Am Boeing 314 flying boat.

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the first time President Franklin D. Roosevelt flew on official business as the leader of the United States. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (the 32nd) traveled across the Atlantic to privately meet Winston Churchill, the prime minister of Great Britain.

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Travel By Private Jet say Crossword Clue

Meeting of  Allies deliberated upon the future course of action, whether or not to establish a new front in Europe. Joseph Stalin expressed regret that he could not make it and said he had to stay in the Soviet Union to oversee the ongoing war between the Soviets and the Germans in Stalingrad. The “Casablanca Declaration,” the consequence of Roosevelt and Churchill’s conference, stipulated that the Axis countries must surrender unconditionally for the war to cease.

Escape to Morocco from German submarines.

travel by private jet say crossword clue

Several of President Roosevelt’s aides voiced their opposition to his flying to the summit. They reasoned that German U-boat operations in the Atlantic made it too risky for the President to proceed by ship to North Africa. The President and his entourage departed the White House for Union Station in Washington, D.C., at 22:00 on January 9, 1943.

Next, they boarded a train bound for Miami, Florida. At 06:00 on January 11, 1943, the President of the United States boarded a Pan American Airways Boeing 314 flying boat called the “Dixie Clipper” to traverse the Atlantic Ocean. The following three days were spent refueling in Trinidad and Belém, Brazil, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in Bathurst, Gambia.

Flight of a Douglas C-54 Skymaster from the Gambia to Morocco

When the war broke out, the Gambia was still a British colony and stayed out of it. The President finally reached his destination, Medouina Airport (CAS), in Casablanca, after boarding a Douglas C-54 transport jet in Bathurst. Fifty hours and around 7,000 kilometers were travel by private jet say crossword clue.

Following his discussions with Churchill, the President boarded the USS Memphis, a light cruiser in the United States Navy, and headed south to the Gambia. After his stop in Bathurst, the President repeated his voyage on the Dixie Clipper back to the United States. On the return journey to New York, Roosevelt enjoyed a birthday cake made especially for him to mark his 61st year on earth.

For the President’s transportation needs, a custom plane was built.

The President will always remember his flight across Western Sahara in a Douglas C-54. As a result, General Henry “Hap” Arnold, the Army’s Air Force chief, broached the idea of designing a particular plane for the President. The result was the “Sacred Cow,” a Douglas VC-54C Spymaster.

FDR boarded the plane on February 4, 1945, to travel by private jet say crossword clue to the Yalta Conference. Roosevelt reconnected with Churchill and had his first face-to-face meeting with Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin during this conference. This conference was called to discuss post-war plans for Europe’s reconstruction. President Harry Truman flew in this plane for the following two years.

The Lockheed Constellation carrying President Eisenhower in 1953 was the first to use travel by private jet say crossword clue” Air Force One” after encountering another flight with the same number.

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